Chicago, Illinois


One week ago I departed from one of my favorite places in the world, Chicago, IL and I miss it very much already! It was the perfect ending to our wonderful, amazing, adventurous trip. I cannot believe that we have already been back for an entire week! Where did June and July go?! Buckingham Fountain Family waiting for the train! The amphitheater! Da Bean! Some sibling love! “I smile because you’re my sister. I laugh because there’s nothing you canRead More

Mt. Rushmore


Our time seeing Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota was short lived. We stayed one night at a nearby state park campground and went to see the light ceremony. Let me just tell you one thing: The light ceremony does not contain really cool colorful lights and laser beams flashing all around the mountain sequenced with a really cool soundtrack. It consisted of a 85 year old man talking for a hour and then they shined a really big flashlight onRead More

Yellowstone National Park


How should I explain Yellowstone National Park?…..A slice/glimpse of heaven….That sounds about right. See for yourself: The sunset our first night at the park.   Let me tell ya, there were thousands of buffalo that just roamed around. It was AMAZING! These guys were right next to the road!   I apologize now for my millions of pictures of these geysers. I just thought they were so cool! Natural hot tubs!             Umm…Beautiful much?!?!  Read More

Coast to Coast!


Let me just say California is CuhRayZay! CRAZY! Listen….We were driving through California for three hours, stopped for 10 minutes to get gas and something to eat and within those 10 minutes I saw way too many things. I saw: a cop come with a warrant to search an apartment, a handful of drug deals, a thong, nipples, and some guy tried to pick pocket me. Holy Moly! But anyways… Our first stop was Sequoia National Forest: Two trees thatRead More

The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon in Arizona! But before we get into this glorious National Park I would like to talk about Tuba City, Arizona. More specifically, I want to talk about Tuba City Church of Christ and it’s wonderful leaders Eric and Tracy Kee. Tuba City is a relatively small town of about 8,000 people and is about 9 square miles in the middle of the desert. The people of this town do not have much to say the least. AsRead More

Utah Part 2


Wednesday we left Moab, Utah and traveled to Springdale, Utah. Our first stop was Bryce Canyon and it was gorgeous! It was definitely different from Arches and Canyonlands where we were at previously. Bryce Canyon had a bunch of mountain rock structures that looked like castles. On your way to Bryce Canyon you drive through Dixie National Forest which was neat because they had a road that was under several arches which you drove through. We decided it was quiteRead More