According to Plan – Our Birthing Story

AccordingTo Plan

There are days, moments in life that you’ll never forget. Wednesday July 13, 2016 is one of those days for me now. It’s the day I became a mother, the day I met my beautiful baby boy for the first time, and the day I learned no matter how much you plan or want something to go a certain way that ultimately God has other plans and sometimes his plans are a hard pill to swallow. This was the veryRead More

A Travel Themed Baby Shower

a travel theme baby shower

More like “The Best Baby Shower EVERRRR!” I don’t know why, but God has truly blessed me with the greatest friends imaginable! They worked so hard putting on the most beautiful shower I could have asked for and I am so so grateful for them! I told them they made me feel like a pregnant princess! Everything was absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn’t have changed anything! The decorations were beautifully tasteful, elegant, and simple. They hung up a map andRead More

6 Ways To Wear One Dress

music festivaloutfits foroctober

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be busting at the seams to get plenty of amazing outfits! Look how I turned one dress into 6 different looks! The Simple Look – Just the dress, some converses, oh! and my Fawn Design diaper bag back pack! Chilly Fall Morning – Just add a green army jacket! It completely changes it, keeps you warm, and is super in! Le French Look – I don’t know, something about this dress, paired with a floral scarf,Read More

What you don’t expect when you’re expecting – Handling the overflow of our opinionated culture.

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My husband and I walked into the bathroom together after waiting 2 full minutes in the living room for the pregnancy test to generate it’s answer. We had planned to start trying a month prior. Was I really pregnant? What if I am? What if I’m not? Questions bombarded my head as I tried to maintain a sense of peace as we approached the test. What would it say?… We walked into the bathroom together, both took a deep breath,Read More

A Colorful Love Affair


First of all, I must give all the credit to these beautiful photos to Jacobus Photography. No matter how much work I put into planning this wedding, it would have never been captured as beautiful as this without their great talent and passion for what they do! My heart speaks in colors. I could never pick just one or two so all the colors it was! We did a DIY wedding and really had to stick to a budget. SoRead More

Taking Time To Breathe

Live Your Life

Have you ever felt like you can’t catch your breath? That the world is spinning so fast and everything around you is going 100 miles/hour? You feel like you’re sprinting but you can’t seem to catch up with anyone or anything. Right? Bigger houses, newer clothes, more money, fancier cars, the list goes on and on. The world is constantly telling us we need these things and in order to do this we work more (sometimes at a job we hate),Read More