Hello Friends 🙂

That’s me on the left! Sarah Erin Baker! The mission of this blog and our journey across the country is to spread God’s love and build faith.
My blogs will include highlights of our journey, trials and tribulations of our journey, small bible studies, and lots and lots of pictures of the country we live in! Words can’t explain how excited I am to travel across the United States. It’s one of the largest countries in the world, I live in it, and yet I’ve hardly seen any of it! What a shame!
How did we come up with this idea you may ask?? Well, my husband, Michael Baker rode his bicycle across the country in 2011 to build his faith and faith in others. He spent 141 days on the  road and biked 6,116 miles. At the end of it all, he had more stories than he could count of how God provided over and over again. He built a relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and faith.
Since that bicycle trip he has started speaking at schools, churches, bible studies, and more – spreading God’s love and reminding people that God is still very much with us. Through his stories and encounters with others he has been able to touch people’s hearts and rekindle relationships that God so desperately wants with us. We want to continue spreading the love of God and relaying his messages to others through our journey.
Here are some things you should know about me:
I love Jesus and God and The Holy Spirit!
I am one happily married chica!
I am quiet and shy but once you get to know me I’m silly and crazy!
I plan on becoming a Holy Yoga instructor. Stay tuned for more info on that!
I have a dog named Melvin and I love him like he’s my baby. He will be traveling with us!
I believe the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page!
I believe in looking at the glass half full!
I hope you all find happiness and peace when you read my blog. I hope it makes you crave for a deeper relationship with God and strive for something more. I hope that the highlights of our trip make you excited and the trials help you realize not to always compare your “behind the scenes” to someone’s “highlight reel”. I’m so excited to take this journey with all of you!
Visit often, laugh much, learn more, and know that life is so very good! 🙂