6 Ways To Wear One Dress

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Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be busting at the seams to get plenty of amazing outfits! Look how I turned one dress into 6 different looks!

  1. The Simple Look – Just the dress, some converses, oh! and my Fawn Design diaper bag back pack!
  2. Chilly Fall Morning – Just add a green army jacket! It completely changes it, keeps you warm, and is super in!
  3. Le French Look – I don’t know, something about this dress, paired with a floral scarf, and some nice wedges makes me feel like I should be in Paris sipping on some tea and eating a baguette outside a crowded cafe!
  4. That Pinterest Look – Common you know what I’m talking about! There are always famous Pinterest outfits we find and hope to be able to mimic one day! Well all you have to do is put on a different jacket (I used a light tan cargo-ish jacket) and added kept those comfy converses!
  5. The Diva – Ow Ow! Throw on a black leather jacket and some black heal booties and you’re ready for a night on the town!
  6. Confidence By Day – You know when you have that one rockin’ outfit that makes you totally feel like the best you out there?!?! This is it for me! Jeans, striped tee (my dress just folded up), a button up jean shirt, and my tan booties! Ah! Just love!







Untitled design

Needless to say, getting pregnant and having to get a new wardrobe doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Be frugal, get versatile pieces, and rock your days by feeling super confident in a few great pieces!

This amazing maternity dress is from PinkBlush Maternity . They are an absolutely amazing family owned maternity boutique with such cute and trendy maternity clothes, including cute maternity dresses like this one!

Mamas and mamas-to-be, PinkBlush is a must in getting that confident, sexy, gorgeous look! Remember: you don’t need a lot! Just a few great faves go a long way!

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