A Colorful Love Affair

First of all, I must give all the credit to these beautiful photos to Jacobus Photography. No matter how much work I put into planning this wedding, it would have never been captured as beautiful as this without their great talent and passion for what they do!

My heart speaks in colors. I could never pick just one or two so all the colors it was! We did a DIY wedding and really had to stick to a budget. So all the flowers (which were ordered from Costco) you see pictured (including all the bouquets and centerpieces) were put together by myself and two friends. The background behind the dresses was the background behind the “head” table and all it was, was streamers that were hanging. I ordered all of my streamers online. Where you might ask? I completely forget but it’s truly not hard to find them! I just did a simple google search.

Even my dress was on a budget! I know I couldn’t afford the averaged priced dress at the average wedding dress boutique. I just didn’t have $1,000+ to drop on a dress I’d wear just once no matter how special it was. So I went and tried on dresses at a lot of different stores and boutiques. Luckily I came across a site called Tradesy which has a lot of used wedding decor and dresses. The dress I had tried on and fell in love with at a boutique happened to be listed on Tradesy for only $600 and it had never been worn! Talk about a steal! And instead of the traditional tux or suit rental, we bought Mike’s wedding attire from Express. The groomsmen’s’ shirts and pants were from their too. I ordered their bowties off Etsy and everyone’s shoes were Toms. The Toms shoes also doubled as our wedding gift to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The bridesmaids each got to pick out a dress of their choice at any store (I really didn’t care and I didn’t want them to spending too much money) as long as it was in the similar color/shade scheme. The Maid of Honor wore the off color, mint blue. Not one bridesmaid paid over $50 for their dress.

Our centerpieces consisted of used wine bottles (which were free), blue mason jars (which I had to hunt for and did a little splurging on), flowers (again, assembled by us and bought from costco), doilies (from a craft store like JoAnns, Michaels, etc), and slender wood stumps (free – cut from a fallen tree). We also used plastic table cloths (the kind you throw away) instead of fabric. I was very much against the idea at first because I was afraid it would look tacky but to my surprise it ended up looking just as nice and it was much cheaper. Napkins and straws were bought from HomeGoods and I ordered the cutlery and wine/champagne glasses online. Again, I can’t remember but it’s super easy to find. Plates and cups were just plastic and from Costco too.

Decorating took much longer than I had planned. So if you decide to do a DIY wedding give yourself more than a day or have an army of people ready to help you get everything done! I was at the venue the morning of my wedding finishing up the decorating. All of the flag banners were done by hand and made by friends. We just bought scrapbook paper from JoAnns, cut out triangles, and strung them together. The big tissue paper pom poms that hung from the ceilings were also made by us. I ordered tissue paper in bulk online and just worked on putting them together on my free time prior to the set up day.

Our wedding cake was made by my mom and yes that’s right, it’s a rice krispy treat wedding cake! I loved it and it was so much cheaper than having one made for us. I have 3 sister-in-laws and they each made a batch of cupcakes for the reception.

I probably could go on for hours about all the details and pricing of the wedding but that would take forever! So enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask via the comment box below!


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