10 Weird Facts

Hello Friends!

I was challenged exactly 1 week ago by a wonderful friend of mine to write a blog naming 10 weird facts about myself. Oy Vey! That’s not tough for me…well because I consider myself an EXTREMELY weird human being. What’s challenging is picking and choosing from all my weirdness and condensing it into 10 small fun facts. It took some brainstorming but without further adieu……MY 10 WEIRD FACTS!
1) I pick my boogers….but think it’s gross when my husband picks his boogers…..Hey I’m not perfect!
2) I want to be Disney’s Pocahontas…tree hugger? cliff jumper? free spirit? YES PLEASE!
3) My favorite beverage: Chocolate Milk! But only under certain circumstances…I can only drink it if I have a straw while simultaneously twirling my hair. 
4) On occasion I forget to shave my armpit….that’s right, singular…as in I shaved one but forgot the other…..
5) Sometime I feel like a rainbow pooped in my living room….I’ve got lots of colors going on and I can’t help but LOVE it!
6) When I get nervous I stutter.
7) I have a giraffe fetish…..If I could be an animal I’d be a giraffe…maybe it’s because I’ve always wondered what it would feel like being tall…..
8) I have a dog named Melvin….I treat him like a baby human…
9) I have midget dwarf thumbs…next time you see me ask to see my thumbs…it usually blows people’s minds.
10) When I go shopping and find something I want to buy I usually convince myself I don’t need it even if I really really REALLY want it soooo…. I end up hiding the item in the store and then come back at a later date to buy it once I realize I can’t live without it….Why I don’t just purchase the $10 shirt in the first place???? I’ll never know…
Welp…There you have it! Now I nominate my friend Jenna from Clothed in Confetti! 🙂 Blog on!

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