More of Jesus, Less of Me

Reminder to myself this cold, crisp fall morning:

It’s not all about me. It’s about Jesus!

I forget about that too easily. I get caught up in the wants and envies life brings but life is so much more than just a house I might want or a new outfit I saw or the lifestyle I think I should have. Sometimes I ask myself why it seems that we can be so forgetful of the blessings God has given us? Instead we spend our time focusing on all the things we don’t have yet. I don’t want to be like that anymore. God has given me too much and is too great to take what he has given me and who he is for granted. Which brings me to my next point:
I fall short of diving in to the scripture on a daily basis. Why do I do that?!?!?! Do I honestly thing another scroll through facebook, pinterest, or instagram is more important than reading a page in the bible? Do I think that watching a rerun of my favorite TV show is more entertaining than learning about our creator?!?!
My goal from here on out: Read 1 page of the bible a day.
Because: It’s not about me, it’s about Jesus! And I think reading at least 1 page a day will be a good reminder of that. 🙂
Happy Monday Everyone!

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