Yellowstone National Park

How should I explain Yellowstone National Park?…..A slice/glimpse of heaven….That sounds about right. See for yourself:
The sunset our first night at the park.


Let me tell ya, there were thousands of buffalo that just roamed around. It was AMAZING!
These guys were right next to the road!


I apologize now for my millions of pictures of these geysers. I just thought they were so cool! Natural hot tubs!







Umm…Beautiful much?!?!


Okay so it’s hard to tell in the picture but this is boiling mud/clay! It was INSANE! Yellowstone is on top of land that has lava underneath it and that’s what causes the heat for the geysers and MUD to boil! MIND BLOWN!
A small geyser shooting water out of it!



They were everywhere! And all of them were picture worthy! 🙂







You like my crazy hair? I know you do..don’t try to pretend like you don’t 🙂
We just couldn’t get enough of it!




Look how blue that water is!
Aren’t all the colors just perfection??? God has the perfect color pallet up his sleeve!




I know, I know..So Many Pictures! I just can’t help it!


Hello beautiful lake.
More wildlife!
Even MORE wildlife! We shall call him Melvin.
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!
That brown hump in the distance…that my friend is a GRIZZLY BEAR! eating a buffalo! Say What?!?!
That’s a buffalo eating a buffalo! JK JK…It was just thirsty 🙂







And MORE snow!!! It’s just so awesome!!! They average about 40-60ft of snow each winter and that’s why some of it never melts! Hence snow in July!
So what do you think? Is it a little slice of heaven?
Up next Mt. Rushmore National Memorial!

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