Utah Part 2

Wednesday we left Moab, Utah and traveled to Springdale, Utah. Our first stop was Bryce Canyon and it was gorgeous! It was definitely different from Arches and Canyonlands where we were at previously. Bryce Canyon had a bunch of mountain rock structures that looked like castles. On your way to Bryce Canyon you drive through Dixie National Forest which was neat because they had a road that was under several arches which you drove through. We decided it was quite necessary to pull over and take an ooey gooey kissy picture LOL. Don’t Judge! 🙂


“And Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss”





The two loves of my life 🙂





We so saw much wildlife in Utah! It was pretty sweet!
Mountain goat…or something to that nature…SO COOL!
Andd..MORE Wildlife! Ha!
Next we went to Zion National Park and it was gorgeous as well (imagine that)! During our stay in Zion we did a 9 mile (which felt like a 20 mile) hike called the Subway hike and though it kicked my bootay it was so worth it and fun. My only regret is that we didn’t do Angel’s Landing hike. We just ran out of time and energy but we will definitely come back and I will definitely hike Angel’s Landing if it’s the last thing I do! 🙂






The reason it’s called Subway Hike is because you get to this cave thingy at the end which does , I suppose, look like a subway entrance.


You can see that there are holes filled with water in this cave. Those holes are about 4-5 feet deep and are filled with freezing cold water. I was crazy enough to jump in one of the holes and I think my body went into shock for a split second because of how cold it was. Brrrr…..! I felt pretty cool for doing it though (literally)!


Off to Tuba City, AZ and to see the Grand Canyon!
Talk to ya soon!

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