The Beautiful Land of Arkansas

Since my last post we’ve been a little of everywhere. Last time I wrote we were in Clearwater, Florida spending time with Mike’s Aunt Robin. After we left Aunt Robin’s house we’ve stayed and driven through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas and have had a chance to reconnect with people that helped Mike during his bicycle trip. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of all the folks I  have met this past week but I want to take the time to thank each of them.


In Alabama we stayed in a town called Carrollton with the sweetest family. Country singer/song writer-Jesse Reece, his brother-Trey Reece, Trey’s wife-Sarah, mother-Audrey Reece, and father-Keith Reece were such a pleasure to meet and allowed us to stay with them for 2 nights.
The next family we were able to stay with was in Searcy, Arkansas for a night. Angela and Chris Lowe was the couple that bought Mike a new bicycle during his trip so he could finish his journey. They are such an inspiring couple and family and I’m so glad I had the privilege to meet them.
After Searcy we drove to Harrison, Arkansas and stayed at Ozark View RV Park which is owned by Teresa and Brandon Husser. They are related to Stacy Sappenfield who took Mike in for a few days on his trip. Teresa and Brandon were kind enough to let us stay at there RV Park for free!
After Harrison we drove to Wichita, Kansas and stayed with Ruth and Bob Holiday. Ruth and Bob own a bicycle shop and blessed Mike with a lot of gear and a place to stay on his trip. They were a very neat couple to get to know.
Each one of these people took us in, fed us, gave us a place to stay, and took care of us. It was amazing! I feel so lucky to have met each one of these people! They were each so nice and I hope to see them again!
Angela and Chris Lowe from Searcy, Arkansas
Teresa and Brandon Husser from Harrison, Arkansas
Stacy Sappenfield from Harrison, Arkansas
We spent most of our time in Arkansas this past week and had a lot of fun! We went to Greers Ferry Lake and jumped of 20ft cliffs and hiked through the Ozark Mountains. It was really beautiful!
Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas



Cliff Jumping!
I was able to get new TOMS sunglasses! One for One!
A hike near Greers Ferry Lake


Michael had the privilege of speaking at The Grove Church where he gave his testimony and preached about how being a Christian at times isn’t easy but it is always worth it.
Our hike through the Ozark Mountains was amazing!



Gahh! I love him! 🙂





Behind the waterfall in the picture above there was a cave you could hike through and at the very end there was another waterfall inside the cave! It was the neatest/scariest thing! It was all pitch black so we had to have flash lights to see where we were going. Parts of the hike back into the cave were only 2ft high so we had to crawl on our hands and knees to get there!






My camping “getup”! Don’t hate, Appreciate! Ha!


Until Next Time!

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