Let me start off by saying I could have taken a million pictures (literally) of Colorado and it still wouldn’t have been enough to really show the beauty of it. I think it is safe to say that Colorado has been my favorite state so far on this trip. It took my breath away time and time again.
We first went to the Rocky Mountain National Park and stayed there for two nights and did a 10 mile long hike! I was beat but it was so worth it! See for yourself:





We hiked so far we found snow! SNOW! I was obsessed!…Still am!











Snow again! See, I’m Obsessed! It blows my mind!


I was looking for bears in the distance. I had to improvise since I didn’t have binoculars.


After the Rockies we drove to Mesa Verde and went right under a beautiful rainbow!
This is Cliff Palace – Pueblo ruins over 800 years old!


He likes to raise his hands in his pictures 🙂
Ouch a prickly cactus!
Our awesome tour guides!



Mesa Verde National Park was definitely a neat place to experience the culture and history of some of the first people ever on this land. I had no idea there were places like this in the United States. Silly Me!


Colorado was amazing. I’m so grateful to have experienced such an amazing place. We were able to meet a few people here and there and Mike had the privilege to give away his book to several people we met. ANDDDD – On occasion I can be a worry wart and a bit obsessive compulsive so on this trip I’m constantly checking our finances and sometimes (I admit) worrying about our financial situation instead of just trusting God will take care of us because let’s be honest – Money doesn’t grow on trees! BUTTTT – God always does provide and while Mike and I were sitting in Mesa Verde’s parking lot waiting to take a tour of the ruins a couple randomly knocked on our truck window and asked if we were taking any donations because they saw our Bike for Christ signs on the door. WOW! – All Mike and I could do was smile and laugh because we just knew that it was a whisper from God reminding us not to worry, he’s right there by our side, he hasn’t forgotten about us, and he’s going to take care of us. Praise God – Amen? Amen!


Gahhh! So gorgeous! God’s creation is beyond beautiful!


Last but not least, on our way out of Mesa Verde National Park a huge storm was coming in and a few bicyclist were trying to get out of the park before the storm came so we stopped and picked them up! The two gals we met were Annie and Julie and they were pedaling for an organization called Bike and Build which raises money for affordable housing projects. These two gals and this organization definitely sparked my interest and I can’t wait to continue to follow there journey through their blogs. It was really nice to meet them and hear their stories. Be safe and have fun on your journey Annie and Julie and good luck!
Next up – Canyonlands!


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