Coast to Coast!

Let me just say California is CuhRayZay! CRAZY! Listen….We were driving through California for three hours, stopped for 10 minutes to get gas and something to eat and within those 10 minutes I saw way too many things. I saw: a cop come with a warrant to search an apartment, a handful of drug deals, a thong, nipples, and some guy tried to pick pocket me. Holy Moly! But anyways…
Our first stop was Sequoia National Forest:
Two trees that grew into one!
Okay so…They purposely burn these trees because it helps to produce new ones. Apparently when you burn the sequoia trees it helps them drop there seeds which helps to grow new ones! Crazy, right?
I can’t even explain to you how gygormeous these trees are! (And yes I made that word up)
They made a tree that fell down into a walk through cave for a trail!


My career: Professional Tree Hugger




And our next stop was Yosemite National Park!
The entrance to the park!









Cliff jumping again!


We swam in the coolest “pool” ever! AKA a pond of water that gathered at the bottom of Yosemite Falls!


I was too chicken to jump off the big cliff that Mike jumped off. This little rock suited me just fine 🙂


The view from the bottom of Yosemite Falls
Seriously the coolest “pool” ever!



We ate bear poop…And might I add-it was quite tasty; I am not ashamed.
And last but not least was San Francisco!


This city had so many hills it was nuts!


The building in San Fran were absolutely gorgeous! Definitely had a lot of character and was so different from any other city I have been to.
Umm…can I live there???? Gah!
Lombard St!
See that neat little hotel on the left? I thought it was picture worthy!
Our first sight of The Golden Gate Bridge! It was early in the morning, very cold, misty, and foggy.


It was too cold to go all the way in…but I had to at least touch the water to say I’ve been in both oceans!




Alcatraz! Wish we could have taken a tour but holy moly those prices are outrageous!
Sea Lions!!!!!!! Just hanging big deal
And our second view of the bridge.


I was spilling my hot chocolate/coffee ice cream EVERYWHERE! Mike though it was funny enough to take a picture of.


Playing with bubbles!
And our third and final view was the best! Third times a charm!


We rode our bicycles all around the city
Might I add that we had to take a ferry to the city and we became masters of missing the ferry! In the morning we got to the dock right as the ferry was pulling away and had to wait a hour for the next boat to come. In the evening it happened again, got to the dock right as it was departing. Oh but that’s not all. We decided it would be a good idea to not pay attention and board the WRONG ferry after we missed the first one and didn’t realize it until it started going to it’s destination. We had to ride the WRONG ferry a half hour to the WRONG destination and then a half hour back to the city. Then we had to wait a half hour for the RIGHT ferry and ride that one a hour home. Oh dear…it was a long day. But…Count It All Joy! Right? LOL


Up Next: Yellowstone National Park! Stay Tuned!

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