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I posted this video on my FaceBook a few days ago but out of 354 friends only 2 hit the “Like” button.  I don’t know if people just didn’t see it in their News Feed or if it is easier to just turn a blind eye to something like this. I know that for me it’s always easier to look away and not “stress” myself over these issues because let’s face it, I’m thousands of miles away from something like this and I have my own problems to deal with, right? But deep down we all know how big of an issue this is and that if we all just helped a little than things like villages not being able to have water or clean water wouldn’t exist. I’m reposting this video because even after I shared this on FaceBook and watched it for myself I still acted as though my problems were these huge crisis’ and I had to remind myself, “first world problems are NOT problems”.

I’m about to share about our Canada experience even though I am partially ashamed but I think it’s a good thing for me to share these kinds of tribulations we go through and revelations I have because of them. Not everything is always perfect and there is no need to always have to try and make it seem that way.

We were in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada from Sunday night to Wednesday morning. On Monday we stayed at the campground because we were still finishing up bits and pieces of our camper. After moving out of our apartment, taking our stuff to Michael’s garage and some things to my parents house, and moving into the camper everything just seemed a bit disorganized and crazy so I decided to take everything out of the camper, clean, reorganize, and “move back in”.

On Tuesday we planned to go see The Falls and we were so excited. We woke up that morning, got showered, ate breakfast, and set up Melvin’s cage in the camper (and just a reminder: our camper has AC so there is no animal cruelty going on here LOL). We put Melvin into his cage (which he’s used to from living at home in an apartment), locked up the camper, and drove away making our way to The Falls. We were half way to The Falls when we got a call from the campground staff saying our dog was barking and whining very loudly making him sound like he was in “distress”. I instantly got frustrated because I knew that our dog was not in distress but that actually he was just being a big baby and was mad that he was in his cage. So Mike and I turned our car around and drove back to the campground because we couldn’t just leave him in his cage to disrupt the entire campground. I was not very happy because this meant we had to take Melvin with us to see The Falls and I began to have a bad attitude.

We picked Melvin up from our camper and headed back to The Falls a second time. Once we got to “The Strip” by The Falls I began to get more and more upset. On “The Strip” there were so many fun things to do like haunted houses, neat restaurants, a ferris wheel, and much more and all I could think about was how I wasn’t going to be able to do any of that because I had my dog with me. Thoughts came pouring into my mind like “What was I thinking bringing our dog with us on a trip like this?” or “This is going to be more difficult than I thought” or “I just want to go home”. Never once did the thought “Wow! I am in Niagara Falls, how awesome is that!” come into my mind. Shame on me. I should have been so grateful but instead all I was doing was focusing on the negative things. Which brings me full circle to the video up top. My negative thing wasn’t really a negative thing at all. I could just see one of those people in that video reading my “problem” and then I realized how petty I was being. My first world problem was NOT a problem.

Unfortunately I didn’t come to this realization until after we had left Niagara Falls. I wish I would have enjoyed myself more and realized how fortunate I really am while I was there but from now on and for the rest of this trip I refuse to let small things ruin my experiences. I’m going to keep remembering that not many people get to do things like this and I should be so grateful. And I am grateful. I thank God for allowing us to take this journey in honor of him. (Plus Melvin is a pretty sweet dog that I am blessed to have, he can just be a stinker sometimes LOL)

Please enjoy our pictures! I look at some of these photos and the view takes my breath away. I hope to return someday and experience the beauty all over again 🙂






He just had to come 😉










Bon Voyage!


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    So as I read this blog I am shamed for being so upset about "losing" Natalie's shirt camping…. or so I'd thought… found it after going through the dryer 3 times…. regardless… to be that upset about a shirt?? Wowzers… I pray I can start to take a step back & really focus on what is important. My kiddos are healthy & we have clean water to drink & live in a First World Country… What in the world should I be complaining about? Fussing that I get to go to my job tomorrow that pays me well for what I do. I think tonight I will thank God for all He has allowed me to have & to show me what I need to do for others.

    XOXO very very much!


    p.s. I originally saw that video on your FB and meant to get back on to watch it but forgot 🙁

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    Watched the video and was immediately ashamed of all I take for advantage and was reminded of my favorite saying of Gandhi, "Live simply so that others may simply live." Loved your photos, been to Niagara long ago, forgot how beautiful it is.

    Love you guys (and even Melvin) very much
    Grandma and Johnny

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