It’s Been A While!

After Assateague Island, Virginia we stayed two nights in the Outer Banks, North Carolina and it was beautiful there. I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures there but Michael was able to record a video of Melvin’s first trip to the beach! I think the salt water got to him a little because he started acting super silly. See for yourself!
After the Outer Banks, North Carolina we left for Clearwater, Florida where Michael’s Aunt Robin lives. It took us two long days of driving to finally get there but we finally made it! On our drive there we drove through Jacksonville, Florida and I was able to go to one of my favorite company’s stores, Natural Life! It was a little slice of heaven for me in that store! I got two pairs of hiking socks and a pretty box of matches 🙂
Clearwater, Florida was beautiful and it was wonderful to meet Mike’s Aunt Robin. She is a crazy, wild, beautiful, caring individual. She took such great care of us while we were there, taking us to new places to eat everyday, stuffing us full of food, giving Melvin treats, and showing us all the neat beaches around.


Michael’s Aunt has breast cancer and when her hair began to fall out from Chemo and Radiation she shaved her head and got a mohawk. Mike needed a haircut by the time we got to Florida and she convinced him to get one too. LOL.


We found a real live starfish in the ocean!




I squeezed the Hulk’s tush!
So Mike decided to punch him in the jaw! Haha!


I was able to get a bicycle! I love it!
Bye Ya’ll!


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